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Ardent Bakers is an MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) approved centralized factory and warehouse located in Hamilton New Zealand. It supplies frozen donuts, muffins, and scones to the Epiphany Franchise Group. Ardent Bakers also supply wholesale products to multi-store brands such as BP, Caltex, Mobil, GAS, Jayen Foods Concepts, Circle-K, Metromart, Classic Bake House, and other hospitality businesses i.e. cafés, hotels, restaurants.

Intellectual Property (IP)
Donut pre-mix flour which produces premium quality and pillow-soft donuts [frozen]. Ardent Bakers will own ALL bakery-related IP by the SFIO Group, which will be consolidated and will be offered for licensing internationally.



We are proud to announce our Smart-Freeze ‘disruptive’ technology has eliminated the ‘limiting factor’ to scale the Epiphany Café brand nationwide, without having multiple commissaries without compromising the quality of pillow-soft donuts and premium cakes.

We have innovated our premix flour and toppings for our cakes and donuts in the last five years that have enabled our donuts and cakes to be frozen up to six months (fully glazed). Once thawed in ambient temperature for less than an hour, the ‘fresh like quality and shelf life of the “pillow-soft” donuts are consistent for most of the flavors.

With the Smart-Freeze technology, donut and cakes wastages in stores can be minimized below 3% or lesser using First-In, First-Out (FIFO) approach. Several NZ and AUS renowned brands have acknowledged our key difference in the market.



The food manufacturing group of SFIO has innovated and mastered several cutting-edge techniques and technology in producing quality products with the highest efficiency. The group owns the SMART-FREEZE technology, a disruptive innovation that reduces product wastage significantly and eliminates the need of having multiple commissaries, which is the limiting factor in scaling the Epiphany Café brand in a certain country. The group also aims to become the market leader in offering low-carb treats as part of its three-year plan through collaboration with international low-carb communities.